Café-style barriers – combine outdoor area definition with highly visible promotion

Café-style barriers are perfect for fencing off an outdoor area while providing a canvas for you to place promotional material, or promote your brand.

The barriers define your outside space and establish a pleasant seating area for visitors and customers. They can define a designated smoking space or bring order to an outdoor queuing area. They’re lightweight, easy to install, heavy-duty and weatherproof. And they can also serve as a windbreak.


Combine fencing-off an area with highly visible branding and promotion
Can serve as pavement screens, or to define seating, smoking and queueing areas
Suitable for cafés, restaurants, bars or retail
Lightweight, easy to install, heavy-duty, weatherproof
Protection from wind

What we do

Provide high-quality design and barrier materials resistant to weather
Use metal 304 polished stainless steel to ensure a clean finish

Customisation according to requirements
Can be applied to indoor use for crowd-control

Banner WidthQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
1000mm110€ 120.00
1500mm110€ 145.00
2000mm110€ 185.00

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Total : € 275.00
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