Stand Up LED Lightbox

A Free-Standing Lightbox backlit system made from PVC extrusion frame and SEG tension fabric graphic. The powerful LED’s run around the inside edge of the frame to create a beautifully-finished, vibrant and seamless illuminated product. 

The graphic slots into a 12x3mm SEG which is 14.3mm deep. This is the same size across all our SEG products to make production sleek and efficient. Three width sizes to choose from to make filling your required space as easy as possible. 

It comes complete in a quality padded bag with a foam mould inside to keep the product organised during transit and avoid scuffs and scratching. It has two twist-out feet for added stability and labelled stickers to make assembling the product incredibly simple.

Free-Standing Lightboxes are ideal to use in retail situations such as shops, restaurants, car showrooms and coffee shops. It’s also an exceptional product for use at exhibitions due to its show-stopping brightness.

Width:Quantity FromQuantity ToPrice
85cm110€ 890.00
1120€ 860.00
2130€ 835.00
3150€ 825.00
200cm110€ 1,540.00
100cm110€ 960.00
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Total : € 890.00
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