“A new range of stylish pods helping you seal the deal” 


Comes in three different sizes: Square, Counter, Curved
Comes with useful display shelves
Huge area to display your graphic

Based upon next-generation digital dye sublimation fabric printing. In its basic form, formulate is a fully collapsible, portable tubular aluminium frame over which a tensioned 'sock' graphic is applied. The whole system is so so easy to assemble.

Tensioned Fabrics as exhibition stands came on leaps and bounds a couple of years ago with the new generation of textile printers. Textile or fabric printing was largely the reserve of screen printers and based on long production runs. With the new digital printers, you can have as little as 1 print on to an A4 piece of textile if you so wish. The latest Mimaki dye-sublimation printers offer a truly stunning finish to any exhibitions.

So, why are the new tensioned fabric displays so popular? The answer is largely in their low weight and simplicity of use. The new power tensioned stretch polyester fabric graphics are nowhere near as heavy as traditional print media. The textiles are far more resilient than traditional media (They can even be washed in a low-temperature washing machine). The textile graphic can now be finished in bright, high definition colour.

The Sales Pod is perfect for DIY exhibiting and as either permanent or temporary retail, showroom, and customer service meeting rooms. They can literally be picked up by 2-3 people and carried into position as you align various parts of your workroom to best effect. The customised printed fabric graphics allow you a huge amount of brand advertising. This is a practical display product that is big on impact! 

Dimensions2400 × 3000 × 1000 mm
Assembly Time
20 minutes
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
Square15€ 1,150.00
610€ 1,050.00
Oval15€ 1,150.00
610€ 1,050.00

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Total : € 1,150.00
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