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Stylish Acrylic Office Sign manufactured from 2mm acrylic

Display names, room numbers or events clearly outside the location
Comes complete with satin chrome standoffs for a finished display


How do I use the Acrylic Office Sign and Stand Offs?

This acrylic standoff sign is perfect for displaying job titles or room names outside offices or meeting rooms, or for providing directional signage in your business. The acrylic office sign is made from high-quality laser cut and diamond polished acrylic and comes with satin anodised aluminium acrylic standoffs for a professional look.

How do I add graphics to this acrylic standoff sign?

This acrylic standoff sign takes 1/3 A4 paper inserts, so you can print these easily yourself to add them to your sign. Unlike other acrylic standoff signs, this one features an acrylic pocket to let you drop in graphics without the need to unscrew the standoff wall mounts. Changing graphics takes just a few seconds.

How do I install this wall-mount acrylic sign?

Our Acrylic Office Sign is quick and easy to install. Simply use the pre-drilled holes in the acrylic to mark where the standoffs go and then screw the bases into your wall or door, slide the acrylic onto the standoffs then tighten the caps and drop in your graphic.