Outdoor Pop-up Tent

“There’s no better, faster, easier way to display your brand with a pop up tent”. 

Outdoor Pop-Up Tents are quick and easy portable tents that protect you and your products from the elements. Made from lightweight aluminium or durable steel and covered with a waterproof fabric in a choice of standard colours or custom-printed roof and sides.

Pop-up tents make sense from a vendor’s standpoint because they are highly portable, easy to use and create a sense of “store” or “market” that entices people to step in and see what the booth has to offer. People who are familiar with pop up tents generally agree that a branded tent is more effective at attracting visitors to vendor booths than generic pop up tents. In fact, people are 60.2% more likely to engage with vendors who use a custom, branded pop up tent.

We see them used in a variety of locations and for a myriad of purposes including but not limited to:

  • Farmers Markets
  • Conventions & Expos
  • Festivals
  • Fairs (Including Job Fairs) 
  • Trade Shows
  • Tailgate Parties
  • Events – Races, Neighborhood Barbeques, etc.
  • Beaches
SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
2M by 2M15€ 350.00
3M by 3M15€ 425.00
3M by 4.5M15€ 495.00
3M by 6M15€ 650.00

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Total : € 350.00
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