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There is no better, faster, easier way to display your brand than a Pop Up Tent 

Are you planning to attend your next event with a bang? Want to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd? Look no further than custom printed pop up tents. These eye-catching and attention-grabbing tents are the perfect way to showcase your brand and attract potential customers to your booth.

With their durable construction and easy setup, custom printed pop up tents are not only visually striking, but also practical. They provide shelter and shade for your team and potential customers, creating a comfortable and inviting space. Stand out from the crowd at your next event with a custom printed pop up tent and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


Benefits of using custom printed pop up tents at events

Custom printed pop up tents offer numerous benefits when it comes to event marketing. Firstly, they provide a highly visible and eye-catching presence for your brand. With your logo and branding elements prominently displayed, these tents ensure that your message is seen by all attendees. Whether it's a colorful design, bold graphics, or a unique shape, the visual impact of a custom printed pop up tent cannot be underestimated.

Secondly, these tents offer practical benefits such as shelter and shade. When attending outdoor events, having a designated space that provides protection from the elements is essential. Custom printed pop up tents not only help create a comfortable environment for your team and potential customers but also ensure that your booth remains accessible regardless of the weather conditions. This allows you to engage with attendees without worrying about rain, sun, or wind.

Lastly, custom printed pop up tents are versatile and portable. They can be easily transported and set up within minutes. This makes them an ideal option for businesses that frequently attend different events. Whether you're participating in a trade show, a farmer's market, or a local fair, these tents can be quickly assembled and disassembled, allowing you to maximize your brand exposure without any hassle.

Types of events where custom printed pop up tents can be used

  1. Trade Shows: Trade shows are a hub for businesses to showcase their products and services. With the competition being fierce, having a custom printed pop up tent can help you attract attention from potential customers. These tents can be customized to match your brand's aesthetics and create a visually appealing booth that stands out among the sea of exhibitors.
  1. Music Festivals: Music festivals are known for their vibrant and lively atmosphere. By setting up a custom printed pop up tent, you can create a branded oasis where festival-goers can seek shade, relax, and engage with your brand. These tents are not only functional but also serve as a landmark for attendees trying to locate your booth in crowded festival grounds.
  1. Outdoor Events: From food festivals to sports events, outdoor gatherings provide a great opportunity to promote your brand. Custom printed pop up tents can be used as a focal point for your booth, attracting visitors with their unique design and professional appearance. They also provide a sheltered space where you can interact with potential customers and showcase your products or services.
  1. Fundraisers and Charity Events: When participating in fundraisers or charity events, it's important to create a memorable presence and convey the purpose of your cause. Custom printed pop up tents can be an effective tool for raising awareness and engaging with attendees. By displaying your message and branding, you can make a lasting impression on potential donors and supporters.

How to Choose the Right Design for your Pop Up Tent

When it comes to choosing the right design for your custom printed pop up tent, there are several factors to consider. Here are some tips to help you create a visually appealing and impactful design:

  1. Branding Consistency: Your custom printed pop up tent should align with your brand's visual identity. Incorporate your logo, tagline, and colors into the design to ensure consistency across all your marketing materials. This will help reinforce brand recognition and make your booth instantly recognizable to attendees.
  1. Clear and Readable Text: Ensure that any text on your tent is clear, legible, and easy to read from a distance. Use fonts that are bold and large enough to grab attention. Avoid overcrowding the design with too much text – focus on key messages that are concise and impactful.
  1. Eye-Catching Graphics: Use high-quality graphics and images that are visually appealing and relevant to your brand. Consider incorporating bold patterns, illustrations, or photographs to create visual interest and draw people to your booth. A striking design will make your tent stand out among the competition and attract attention from attendees.
  1. Unique Shape or Structure: Consider opting for a custom tent shape or structure that reflects your brand's identity or stands out from traditional tents. This can include curved shapes, peaked roofs, or interesting architectural features. A unique tent design will not only help you stand out from the crowd but also create a memorable experience for attendees.
  1. Professional Printing: To ensure the highest quality and longevity of your custom printed pop up tent, it's recommended to choose a vendor that offers professional printing services. Professional printers will use high-quality materials and inks that are weather-resistant and durable, ensuring that your tent remains vibrant and intact throughout the event.

By carefully considering these design elements, you can create a custom printed pop up tent that effectively communicates your brand's message and captures the attention of your target audience.


Are your Pop Out Tents signs suited for outdoors?

Poptents are free-standing shelters and don't require guy wires. They'll stand securely on grass, dirt, or pavement without ropes or poles, making them perfect for any event. Poptents have durable fabric that can betreated to resist fire, rot, mildew, water, and ultraviolet rays. A Poptents heavy duty gazebo is also very portable, folding easily and compactly into its own carrying bag.

Special care should be taken during certain weather conditions, such as rain, snow, hail, sleet, high winds, and other environments where excess pressure is placed on the gazebo. When it starts to rain or snow, you must take care to prevent the moisture from accumulating. And as the winds increase to the point where the unit may blow over or add stress to the structure, you must take down your Poptent.


Will my prints fade or scratch?

With correct care, our UV ink ensures that your printed design will not fade nor scratch. The estimated lifespan is 5+ years with proper care but continued and constant exposure to the elements (direct sunlight, wind, rain) can shorten this lifespan. Further, contact with a sharp object can scratch or damage the tent itself.


What sizes do you offer? Are there a minimum or maximum dimensions my sign has to adhere to?

Your tents can be any of our standard sizes offered. If you require a custom size that is not on our website, please contact us 


What is the lifespan of Pop Up Tents Signs?

With proper care and maintenance your plastic sign can last 5+ years. With outdoor placement where the tent will be constantly exposed to varying weather conditions, the lifespan may be shortened.


Will my design increase the cost of the tent? / Does 1 or 2 colour printing reduce the cost?

We always print in full colour which means we don’t charge more or less based upon your graphic. If you require a design from our team, there is a design charge, this allows you to change the design up to 3 times. Thus, the cost of your tent will depend on its size, any options that may be selected and how many you order.


How do I store my tent?

Store them at room temperature, avoiding any rooms or storage places that have extremes in cold, heat or humidity.




SizeQuantity FromQuantity ToPrice
2M by 2M15€1,100.00
3M by 3M15€1,250.00
3M by 4.5M15€1,450.00
3M by 6M15€1,800.00