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Beautiful banners that will stand out from the crowd

Banners are a great way of communicating your message, whether it’s an installation at a trade show, advert at a storefront, or signage at a mass event. They’re portable, powerful and quickly grab people’s attention. We cover a wide range of sizes and specifications.

What is a PVC banner?

PVC banners are 510gsm coated material large format banners. This high quality product can be easily personalised

They are 100% customizable and one of the best ways to showcase your logo or brand.

Additional Information

Outdoor PVC banners are an indispensable tool to give visibility to any temporary promotion, event or marketing campaign. Building wraps are super-sized banners which are fixed to your building facade to turn your premises into a giant billboard – ideal for city centres or high traffic locations. The hand-finished seams and reinforced eyelets maintain a professional image. The banners with eyelets can be fitted to many structures including fences, buildings, windbreaker poles and purpose-built banner frames.


Advantages of PVC Banners

  • Quality: unlike many of our competitors, our PVC banners are produced with top quality vinyl, hand-finished seams and reinforced eyelets for clients who want to maintain a professional image and for those looking for long-lasting banners.
  • Digital Print: our outdoor banners and building wraps are custom made with photographic quality print so there need be no limits to your banner designs
  • Economical: banners are economical enough that you can splash out on new banners for each new promotion or event.
  • Versatile: banners with eyelets can be fitted to many structures including fences, buildings, windbreaker poles and purpose-built banner frames

Taking care of your PVC Banner

To care for your custom banners, regularly clean them with warm water and allow them to air dry before storing. To easily store your banners, roll them up and keep them in a dry area at room temperature. Any wrinkles in your banners should come out within a couple of hours in the sun or heat

Do I have to use one of your templates for my PVC banner?

While we have created templates/designs for you to use as a starting point, if you don’t want to use them and would like to design your own banner, you have three additional options. First, you can choose the blank template and start designing from scratch on our design tool. Second, you can upload your own files to make a banner. Lastly, you can contact us at and have us design something for you. There is a 50 euro charge and you can change your design up to 3 times.


What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your banners?

Our minimum dimensions are 500 mm and maximum is 15000 mm. If you require a larger banner, please email us at to discuss your needs.


Are there hems on your banners?

Welded hems are included on all of our banners. You can also choose to not have any hem or edge finish on a banner – this is referred to as a “flush cut.” Here, the banner is cut to the same size as the design. Flush-cut banners typically work fine if you’re not going to hang or otherwise suspend your banner. In this case, because there wouldn’t be much stress on the edges, it’s unlikely the banner would experience any edge fraying. If your intention is to lay your banner flat on a table or other surface, or perhaps if the banner is to be inserted into a frame, stand, or system, then a flush-cut banner can work quite nicely.


Will my large banner have seams?

Yes, they will be welded together - in sizes over 3 Metres in Width - but will be barely noticeable especially considering how large your banner will be/p>  

Are your banners a matte or gloss finish?

Our banner material comes with a semi-gloss finish. However, our ink is more of a matte finish so anywhere you see white will be semi-glossy and anywhere there is ink will be matte. That means if your banner is full colour with no white, it will be completely matte.


Can I change the number or spacing of the grommets?

Yes, email us at to make any custom changes, we will do our best to accommodate your wishes. We generally add every 400 mm or one in each corner.


Can I place grommets on a banner that has a pole pocket(s)?

No, currently grommets cannot be placed in banners that have pole pockets. It is only possible to include one or the other and not both.


What kind of printing process do you use for your banners?

Our printing process is a four colour process that uses eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. All our banners are digitally printed on industry leading large-format printers.


When you say custom made does that mean handmade?

No, custom made means we make the banner specifically for you. The graphics, colours and size are made according to what you want


How do PVC banners differ from your fabric banners?

PVC is the more cost-effective and durable option of the two, making it better for outdoor use, but it can be used for indoor signs when required. PVC banners have more of a matte finish, while fabric banners are printed using a dye sublimation process, making them more vibrant than PVC. Our fabric banners are a great indoor signage option, and they’re also scratch resistant and have curl-free edges. Simply put if you’re looking for an outside sign then choose PVC.

Do you really do large-format and giant banners?

Yes we do. We can print banners up to 500 mm X 15000 mm, if you need a banner larger than that, email us at to discuss your requirements.


So are your banners made out of plastic or vinyl? What's the difference?

PVC is a synthetic man-made material. It’s a type of plastic made from ethylene and chlorine that when combined form Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which is often shortened and referred to as vinyl. So technically you could say our signs are made out of plastic since vinyl is a type of plastic.


I'm doing a lot of outside advertising, is there a better option than PVC banners?

No, PVC banners are our top performers when it comes to outdoor advertising signage options. Their durability and resistance to weather, water and humidity make them the perfect choice.


I’m going to a trade show - will these banners work? Do I have to get grommets? If not, how do I hang it?

Our standard PVC banners are intended to be hung with rope, bungee cord, zip tie or even a hook


Are your banners produced to withstand being placed outside?

Yes, our PVC banners are very durable and are intended to be used for inside or outside use. The exception to this is extreme weather such as high wind which may cause your banner to become dislodged and result in a damaged sign. We recommend that you take down your banner if extreme weather is imminent.


Will my banner tear in the wind if it is oversized? What about wind slits?

Regardless of the size of your banner it is highly unlikely that your banner will tear. Even the edges of your sign should be fine due to the reinforced hem that comes standard on our bannerS. The greater danger is that larger banners are more susceptible to damage during weather events with high wind when whatever is holding in place comes loose. We’ve found that wind slits are generally not an effective deterrent to high wind conditions. For these reasons we recommend temporarily taking down and storing your banner if high winds are anticipated. If you are in an area with constant high winds, we recommend using a mesh banner. Regardless, except in high wind situations, they have proven to be extremely durable in a wide variety of outdoor uses.


Will the printing fade over time?

All of our banners are printed with fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. This means that the printing should remain vibrant for years. While there will eventually be fading as there will be with any sign, we’re confident that you’ll find your custom banner to be long-lasting and crisp for years to come.


I live in a very cold part of the country - how long will my banner last?

The lifespan of our banners is 3+ years with proper care and maintenance. Consistent cold and wintery weather should not adversely impact your banner in the short term. Though the constant exposure may reduce the lifespan of the banner to a certain extent, your banner should still last for more than a couple of years.


Will your banners work for parades?

Yes, our PVC banners work great for parades. They’re durable, weather-resistant, printed in full colour using fade and abrasion resistant ink and you can add your own graphics to make sure your message is clearly seen by all in attendance.


Does PVC work for outside banners/signs or outdoor advertising?

Yes, PVC is a very durable outside option since this material is weather and water resistant. Our custom PVC banners have an internal fabric that makes them stronger and better able to handle sunny, rainy, snowy and windy weather days. However, we do suggest taking your banner down if inclement weather comes your way.

What size does my large banner need to be in order to be seen from 'x' distance?

When it comes to the letters on your banner, think big. If your letters are 4” tall, 40 feet is the furthest optimal distance for viewers to visibly read the sign. If you make your letters 15”, then the furthest optimal impact distance is 150 feet. A general rule is letter height needs to be 1” for every 10 feet of visibility. Having said this, your sign will still be visible beyond the “furthest optimal distance” and is typically viewable 3-4.5x farther than the maximum optimal distance. For example, 3” letters will be best viewed within 30 feet and will be able to be viewed at a maximum distance of approximately 90’-135’. Other considerations that impact viewability include: where you place your sign, what the viewers will be doing when seeing your sign (walking, driving, standing still), lighting, colours used, design of the sign and your target market’s eyesight. Once you choose your letter height, you can determine what size your large banner needs to be to fit your letters, clearly display your message and look good. In a nutshell our best advice is to think big and simple with your banner and letter size to have the greatest impact. If you’re still unsure of how big your sign should be feel free to contact us at and we’d be happy to help!

What are typical uses for your custom vinyl banners?

The typical uses for custom vinyl banners include: birthday parties, parades, grand openings, events, tradeshows and conferences, high school gyms and sports teams, outdoor advertising signs, anniversaries, reunions, now hiring signs, street signs, city events and holidays, roadside businesses (fireworks, pumpkins, fresh produce, etc.), churches and church events. PVC banners are one of the most versatile signage options of any sign type.

Will my banner printing scratch or rub off?

No. Because all of our banners are printed using fade and abrasion-resistant ink, your sign’s printing should remain intact and vibrant for several years.

Do pole pockets affect the design area of my banner?

Including pole pockets on your banner will not change the designable area of your banner. As noted elsewhere, we recommend keeping text and design inside of the dotted lines that indicate the location of your pole pockets. This is the safest way to ensure your banner displays without text or design elements appearing somewhere that is not visible. If more design area is needed we recommend ordering a bigger banner so that you can avoid putting design elements inside the marked pole pockets while on the design tool.


Can my custom banner come with a banner stand? Can I make it a retractable or a pop-up banner?

There is no way to make your PVC banner a retractable banner post-purchase unless you have access to a stand and the dimensions are exactly what the banner stand requires. The better option is to simply buy a retractable banner on our website for your indoor needs, you can view and order our range here


When I finish with my banner, can it be recycled?

PVC is recyclable in multiple ways.You can put it in a green bin or reuse it in many forms such as bags, chair covers or table covers etc.




Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.