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Portable Branded Arches 

These Eye Catching Archs are designed to get you and your brand noticed.  These Bannerbow Displays come in 3 different sizes which can be used together to create the ultimate display.  The durability of the Fabric Ensures that the BannewBow can withstand the Elements and be used outdoors. 

Signle or Double Sided?

All BannerBow Arches are available withing a single piece of material - or if you require a a different image on the inside to the outside - choose the double sided option which has two fabric layers with a light stop material sandwiched between which prevents images from both sides bleeding into each other.

For When You Want to be Seen

We offer innovative dislay products and solutions for exhition, event and retail.  The experience and feeling that Bannerbow even arches creates are really unique.  Bannerbow portable event arches and backdrop can easily create an exciting portable branding solution with style and overhead experience.  These are a great alternative to regular portable marketing displays. 

Key Features

  • 3Different Size Options
  • Designed and Produced with Simplicity in Mind 
  • Single and Doiuble Sided Options
  • Ultra Light and Simple to Build
  • All Models Available with a Smart Wheeled Bag


Same Design for All Outdoor Systems

Using the same design for all systems Bannerbow Event Arches are designed for multi-use with weatherproof graphics and a sturdy foot base.  A black powder coated steel foot makes the arch stable.

This is a very eye catching design and can also be used indoors



Can I just drill my own holes?

Yes. You can absolutely drill your own holes if you wish. Though if you are drilling your own holes then we are unable to replace, repair or refund the sign due to any damage resulting from your efforts to drill holes. Any common drill with the proper bit will work with your acrylic sign.


I need holes drilled in custom locations / Can I get more than four drilled holes?

Yes, you can, email us at to make any custom requests.


What sizes do you offer? Are there minimum or maximum dimensions my sign has to adhere to?

These come in 3 Sizes - Small, Medium and Large


What is the lifespan Bannerbows?

The lifespan of your BannerBow will largely depend on how you use it and what kind of care it is given. With proper care and placement, your Bannerbow should last a minimum of 5 years.


Will my design increase the cost of the sign? / Does 1 or 2 colour printing reduce the cost?

We always print in full colour which means we don’t charge more or less based upon your graphic. If you require a design from our team, there is a 50 euro design charge, this allows you to change the design up to 3 times. Thus, the cost of your sign will depend on its size, any options that may be selected and how many you order.


Do you offer double sided acrylic signs?

For the clear/transparent acrylic that is offered on our website a double sided sign is not possible. The best way to get a double sided look is to purchase two signs and place them back to back. If this is what you are looking for, please be sure to avoid any clear areas on your sign so that you can place them back to back without being able to see through them.


Can I get my acrylic signs routed or cut into specific shapes?

Yes! There are several different shape options to choose from for your acrylic signs, including Square/Rectangle, Rounded Corners, Circle/Oval, Custom or Custom with Border.


Do your acrylic signs have a matte or gloss finish?

Our acrylic signs have a glossy sheen to them.This sheen is simply a glossy or shiny look that makes the sign look extremely good without negatively affecting the readability of the sign.


Do you print onto the acrylic or is there a piece of vinyl overlay?

Both! Depending on the sign, we either print directly onto the back of the sign. Or stick vinyl to the back of it.


What colour is the default material?

Our standard acrylic is a clear/transparent material.



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