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Outdoor Portable banner stands that catch attention

They are designed to easily expand and retract from a durable metal base. The durable, portable, easy to use and professional quality printed banner will last for many events and years to come.

What are Outdoor Exhibition Stands?

Retractable banners pull out of and retract into an aluminium stand or base for maximum portability. This feature makes these banners the ultimate signage solution for trade shows, events and conferences

They are 100% customizable and one of the best ways to showcase your logo or brand.  Roller banners have consistently been one of our most in-demand promotional materials available, and Expovision is our most popular and cost-effective range – ideal for those on a tight budget!


Fast & Easy Set Up

Your retractable banner can be assembled in less than two minutes. The only assembly required is removing everything from the carrying case, locking the pole into place, pulling the banner out of the aluminium base and then attaching it to the support pole. If you purchase a display light you can then attach this to the top of the stand/banner. In just a few minutes you’ll have a professional pop up banner for your display or event.

Advantages of Rollup Banners

  • Easy to transport and assemble
  • Eye-catching displays
  • Ideal for exhibitions, reception areas, and offices
  • CSleek and thin design

Possible uses of Roll Up Banners

  • Exhibitions
  • Events
  • Offices
  • Reception Areas
  • Corporate and national milestone events

Taking care of your Exhibition Stand

Assuming correct assembling and disassembling, your retractable banner requires little to no on-going care and maintenance. Retracting the banner into the aluminium base will protect it from any potential damage in between use. Further, storing your stand, pole and light within the padded case should prevent damage in between uses. Stains can either be wiped away with a damp cloth.

When displaying and taking down your retractable banner be sure to do so with care. Slowly pull out and retract the graphic in and out of the base while maintaining the graphic centred to the base. Don’t let the graphic, intentional or not, rapidly retract or snap back into the base, doing so may cause permanent damage to your graphic and/or base. Carefully install the pole to the base and top of the graphic as mishandling or mistreatment of the pole may cause permanent damage which renders the banner unusable.

What is an Luxury Exhibition Stand?

A retractable banner is a sign enclosed in a metal base that can then be pulled out of the base for display purposes. They are made for indoor use but can be used outside if used for shorter periods of time and not during harsh weather conditions.


Do I have to use one of your templates for my Rollup banner?

While we have created templates/designs for you to use as a starting point, if you don’t want to use them and would like to design your own banner, you have three additional options. First, you can choose the blank template and start designing from scratch on our design tool. Second, you can upload your own files to make a banner. Lastly, you can contact us at and have us design something for you. There is a 50 euro charge and you can change your design up to 3 times.


Are 'retractable banners', 'pop up banners' and ‘Economy Exhibition Stands’ the same thing?

The terms "retractable banners", "pop up banners" and ‘Economy Exhibition Stands’ are typically used interchangeably within the signage industry. All refer to the functionality of a retractable banner that rolls up into and pulls out of a metal retractable stand or base. Some other names include pull up displays, pull up banners, and roll-up banners.

The confusion that may stem from these terms is that on occasion "pop up banner" is used by some to refer to what we call a "pop up display". A pop up display is a larger, more expensive, and functionally different product (no hard base and a three-dimensional appearance) albeit with a similar end-use. If that’s what you are looking for, please visit our page POP UP STANDS


Are Expo Exhibition stands easy to move around?

Yes, they are lightweight and portable pieces of equipment, so they are easy for one person to move and reposition, as well as setup and takedown. We also provide a carrying case with handles that makes travelling with your banner to and from trade shows and other events as easy as carrying a lightweight duffle bag.


Are the Economy Exhibition Stands double sided?

are not, however we offer a double-sided banner, please view it here


Can I swap banners on the same stand?

Yes, you are able to switch out your banner. We strongly recommend having a professional exchange your graphics as the banner is spring-loaded and attempting to do this yourself without knowing how could cause damage to the base and possibly injury as well.
If it's something you regularly want to change it's best to use a Premium or Luxury Model


How big is the banner area? Can this be changed?

The banner sizes are 85cm and 100cm wide and 200cm Tall. If you’d like a different size, please email us at to discuss your requirements.


Can Can my design be smaller than the actual banner area?

Yes, technically you can make your graphics smaller than the area provided in the banner. Simply leave the lower portion of your design blank or a solid colour.


What kind of printing process do you use for your banners?

Our printing process is a four colour process that uses eco-friendly, weather, fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. All our banners are digitally printed on industry leading large-format printers.


Do you print your retractable banners in one colour or full colour?

We currently print our banners in full colour, meaning you are able to have the graphics on your banner printed in several different colours or just one if that's all you require.


What is the lifespan of the banners?

The banners should last up to 5+ years with the proper use and care, but it obviously depends on the conditions the banner is used in and the care you give it


What if my graphics for the retractable banner have more than 2 colours? Will it cost more?

No. We print all of our signs in full colour, so there are no additional costs


Is there any assembly required with the banners?

Assembly is quick and easy with the banners. Simply remove everything from the carrying case, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the aluminium base and then attach it to the pole. Be sure to take care when attaching the graphic to the pole so that it is firmly in place before letting go. Don't let go of the graphic as it will quickly retract to the base and may cause permanent damage.


Is a Case Included with the Banner?

Yes, a case is included.


Can I use the banner outside?

While these banners are designed for indoor use, they can be used outdoors for short periods of time. However, we highly recommend that you refrain from using the banner outside during inclement weather, especially when there are high winds, heavy rainfall and sustained cold temperatures.


Will the base of my retractable banner be easily damaged?

The base itself is a durable metal stand, and shouldn't have any problems with damage.


What are the typical uses for the banners?

The most common uses for these banners are in trade show display booths and at events and conferences to advertise and promote business products and services. They are also great to use in presentations and point of purchase displays because they are eye-catching and really draw in the attention of everyone who passes by them. Further, at events and conferences they can be used for directional signage, sign in tables and more.


Will the printing fade over time?

All of our banners are printed with fade and abrasion resistant UV ink. This means that the printing should remain vibrant for years. While there will eventually be fading as there will be with any sign, we’re confident that you’ll find your custom banner to be long-lasting and crisp for years to come.


Can I reuse the banner?

Yes, the banners are quite durable and can be used repeatedly. Simply store them appropriately and you should have no issue using these banners repeatedly for many years. If you'd like to change out the graphic in your retractable stand, we would recommend printing one from us and then having a professional reinstall it into the base.


How do I assemble my retractable banner?

A retractable banner requires very little assembly and no installation. You simply have to remove everything from the carrying case, lock the pole into place, pull the banner out of the metal base and then attach it to the pole to assemble your retractable banner. Twist or rotate the feet on the bottom of the base so they are perpendicular to the base. The assembly and takedown process - which is doing the assembly steps in reverse - only takes a couple of minutes to complete.


How careful do I need to be pulling out my banner and putting it back in the base?

You need to carefully and slowly pull your banner out of the base and put it back into the base. Pulling out or retracting too fast can damage your banner. It can also cause your banner to go in the base crooked. Placing your banner into the base crooked can cause damage to the edges of your sign. Please use care while retracting your banner and ensure the edges of the graphic go in smoothly and centred.

Will there be assembly instructions with the banner?

Yes, assembly instructions are provided with the banner, and you can find them inside the carrying case. Feel free to also contact us if you have any questions about assembling your banner. Though as noted above your banner should come fully assembled.

How do I store the banner?

To store your banner, we recommend retracting your banner into the base and then storing the banner and pole within your carrying case. Keep the case in a dry area at room temperature to avoid damage in-between uses. Although the bases are fairly durable, do not place anything heavy on your banner, even when in the carrying case, and do not throw or drop it whether inside or outside of the case.

Will my banner printing scratch or rub off?

No. Because all of our banners are printed using fade and abrasion-resistant ink, your sign’s printing should remain intact and vibrant for several years.

Is there any kind of ongoing care or maintenance needed for the banner?

Assuming that you correctly set up and take down the banner, it requires little to no ongoing care or maintenance. Retracting the banner into its metal base will protect the material from any potential damage in between uses. Simple stains can be washed away with warm water and a soft, damp cloth. Never use abrasive cloths or strong cleaners on your banner because it could ruin the printing on the banner itself. The banners are UV printed and can not be laundered or washed in a machine in any way.

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