Why is Foamex so Ideal for Signage Printing?

30th March 2021

In order to understand why Foamex is so ideal for signage printing, we need to first look at its composition which holds the key to its suitability for the purpose. PVC Foamex as you can tell by its nomenclature is a PVC based product quite strong and firm in nature. One might even be tempted to call the word foam in its name to be misleading, as the image that might be conjured is of a substance that is softer in nature – which in fact, is completely opposite to the actual Foamex PVC board.

To acquaint you with the usability of the material and its advantages for signage printing – Premier Displays is here to numerate upon the various pros as well as features that you should be aware of before finalising the material. So let’s begin:

Talking first about the advantages of using it for signage:

Cutting Foamex is remarkably easy to do. In fact, you can drill through it, shape it in various ways and lastly glue it, however you, please.

Elaborating upon its flexibility, and ease of usage, you can bend and shape a Foamex sheet, in various ways, thus making it extremely versatile for use. The material is highly durable, and you can expect it to last up to 7 years on average.

One of the biggest advantages of Foamex board printing is that the final product is both water repellent as well as waterproof. Hence, if you are looking at outdoor use, the material is quite resistant to weather changes.

Even if you look at an extremely sturdy board like a 10mm Foamex board, you will be quite surprised to find out that it is quite lightweight. This means that your foamex signs will be portable and you would be able to transport it with ease. In case, you are on the road and are doing a spot at some event or show, your signage made out of a Foamex board will feel like a god sent.

Another great advantage of a Foamex board is that it is extremely simple to mount. Whether you are going to make fixed signage mounted on a wall, or you are using a stand – by using simple securing methods such as adhesives, you can go on and fix your signage up and also take it off. You can do all this, all the while ensuring that your brand and marketing message has maximum visibility.

Owing to the perfect finish that is achieved in this material, when you go for Foamex board printing, the quality of graphics that you will receive is going to be excellent. This makes sure that your signage has the crispest printed letters or graphics, and is really visually appealing.

A really major concern that everyone has is the budget that you have to go with and this is why we at PremierDisplays.ie always offer you the most budget-friendly prices, making your purchase a great value for money. 

Lastly, all these advantages aside, your signage, be it made out of a 3mm Foamex, 5mm or even a 10mm one, all are recyclable. All the brands that promote a sustainable business practice, your signage at the end of its life will not be harming the planet and can be recycled.

Having enumerated upon all these advantages of using Foamex for outdoor signage, you can easily understand what a wonderful material it is to work with. Though the standard colour that works best with printing is white – for those of you who are looking for a more creative approach, foamex comes in various colours as well as specifications. 

So with a little creativity at hand, you can go on to create highly impactful, visually appealing, best quality signage, that is bound to grab the attention of your target audience. A little secret on the side is that your Foamex PVC board can give you fantastic results that end up looking much more expensive than they actually are. Hence, there is no wonder that a lot of businesses today are investing in getting signage that is made out of the material. 

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